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I am an idiot.

I am writing this as penance for crimes against a committed relationship and for breaking an implied vow of silence. I told Lilly about an idea presented by my friend Sean for taking tests by trusting your gut.  Sean put this thought forward in a thread on a discussion list that we both belong to.  I was thinking that Lilly might consider this idea and be grateful for a new approach.  And she was.  At first.  Then her curiosity kicked in.

L:  "How did Sean know that I had trouble taking tests?"  Hmm, I hadn't thought about this part of my presentation.
H:  "Oh, the subject of test taking came up in a thread on our mailing list."  Oops, I shouldn't have mentioned the source.  I plunged on.  "I said that while you understood the material you sometimes over-thought the questions and ended up giving wrong answers"  I shouldn't have said 'wrong', but she she only pursed her lips a little and nodded, acknowledging the truth of my assessment and the wisdom of passing on such valuable advice.  
So, having dodged a bullet, I got a little cocky and, chuckling, said, "Of course I also said that this might be because you are a Pisces".  The pursed lips flattened.  Shit.
L:  "I'm not a Pisces, I am a Virgo." Deep shit.  This conversation sounded familiar.  Her brows dropped.  "Virgos are thoughtful and consider possibilities, Pisces are *wishy* *washy*." Fuuuuck, I remember now.  Her body tensed and her gaze bored into me.  "Your ex *wife* is a Pisces." Fuckityshitfuckyshittyfuckfuck.  "I want a correction posted on That List.  Right. NOW." 
So here it is:  Lilly is a Virgo, a thoughtful being who is thorough in her analysis and generous in her tolerance of other's failings. Especially *my* failings as a forgetful and presumptuous boyfriend with leanings toward arrogance.  I vow to always remember her birthday, her shoe size, and her temperature preferences for all things edible and wearable.  I also vow to nevernevernever confuse her with my ex-wife.

Update:  I read this to Lilly and she laughed, then said, "You know what would have been better?  *Remembering* that I am a Virgo in the *first* place."