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Phone conversation near the end of the workday:

L: Hello, what-cha doin?

H: Wor-kin.  What-choo doin?

L:  I am finishing up my homework and I am getting a bit hungry.  Would you be willing to stop at the store and pick up a few things?

H:  Willing and able.

L:  Good, so I am thinking of cooking those sausages that I got on sale the other day and would like you to get a couple of potatoes, and onion, some zucchini and, um, ah, some fudgsicles.

H:  Some vegetables?

L:  Fudgsicles.

H: Vegetables?

L:  Nooooo Mr. Smartypants.  Some fudgsicles.  Just a couple for after dinner.

H:  You know it always starts out as "just a couple after dinner" then it becomes, "well, I've had a hard day I think that I'll just stop off at the 'cicle bar on my way home for a tall frosty one" and soon you are hding them in your car and in your desk drawer and it all slides downhill from there.

L:  Well this is rich coming from the guy that helped me finish a entire package of Oreos last night.

H: Um, that wasn't me, that was, uh, my possessed twin.

L:  Then put *him* on the phone and have *him* stop at the store on his way home.  Have him bring me some flowers too, while he's at it.


H: ok