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I can see pictographs, QR Codes, or something like them (call them "qraphs"), augmenting our written language. We are already evolving our communications in that direction with links and embedded html.  Technology that supports the insertion of "qraphs" using hot keys, as we do with emoticons, or a version of type ahead to choose from a saved set of qraphs, would seem fairly straightforward.  We could soon be inserting qraphs into messages at the same speed that we insert a smiley face into a text.

I could see the next phase after that as combining qraphs to form unique messages without any text at all (call it "qrext"), similar to the pictographs in caves that we used to see in our history books, but with hypertext and script/task-launching support.  Caveman art
on steroids.

Take it one step further to create rules and syntax for qrext messages and you could create a message that, when clicked/swiped/activated takes your profile picture, superimposes it onto a video of someone surfing while playing the theme to Hawaii Five-O, signs you up for a vacation giveaway and sends you a free sample of sunscreen.

The future is wiiiiide open.