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Going into the bedroom to say goodbye for the day, rousing a sleeping Lilly:

L: (One eye open, in a blanket muffled voice) How much longer until you leave?

H: That depends on if you're are getting up.

L: Well if you aren't leaving for a little while then I'll get up and visit with you. (Pause, close eye, sigh, open eye) Otherwise I will go back to sleep.

H: Well if you're going back to sleep then I'll leave right away, otherwise I'll stay and visit with you.

L: Well if I get up now will you make coffee for me?

H:  OK.

L:  And feed the cats, they are starting to hit me about the head.

H:  OK.

L:  And stay out in the kitchen because I have to use the bathroom first so that means you have wait for me far, far away, and make some noise because, you know, (large sigh) the Mexican food last night.

H: Best I flee whilst I can.

L:  Fine.  Coward.