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My website is horribly unfinished and it is embarrassing.  I work on websites for a living so when I reach the end of the day one of the last things I want to do is look at another one, especially one that I don't get paid for.  In addition, I find that I am a whiney client, so I get resentful of my own demands, dodge my own calls and ignore my own e-mails.

This is one of those cases of "the cobbler's children go barefoot".  In my case, they go 'divless'.  My site is bare.  To describe my site in terms of a state of dress, it has a shirt in the left hand, underwear in the right, one sock on and no idea where the pants are.  And, it is mid-February so there is a lot of bright white skin and Christmas chub.  Ugh.  Best to look at it with the lights off.  Please pardon me while this site is being constructed.