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I get these email offers every day and some of them are just silly.  This is a good one. 

First of all there's the Subject "Foot Fungus Treatment – 3 locations".  I only have *two* feet myself but perhaps the population of bonus-limbed people is bigger than I thought.  Then there are the pictures.  Sure the picture of feet kind of makes sense (I still don't see that extra foot), but the others make me scratch, well, elsewhere.  Kitchen fungus?  Chin fungus?  Bum fungus?  There is so much I never knew.

Best of all, there is the section title "Laser Foot Fungus Removal"  Laser feet?!?!  How cool is that?  I have heard of lasers on sharks but never on feet.  Is this the updated version of the ol' switchblade in the shoe?  Has the embedding of devices in our bodies finally come to fruition?  Soon will I be able to call my mother by pulling on my *left* ear lobe (volume control is in the right) and then using my laser foot to augment my PowerPoint presentation?  I imagine there will be quirks to work out.  If your laser enhanced feet can get fungified who do you call to take care it?  A dermatologist or a laser technician?  If your phone goes out do you call an E.N.AT&T?

What a whiz bang world we live in.