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A buddy of mine passed along a statement posted by Senator Lugar after he was defeated recently.  No wonder he survived for so long in politics, he writes well.

I applaud his approach of compromise-rather-than-idealize.  Also, I like seeing his statement itself rather than a report on a sound bite.  I don't often get to read representative statements since most media outlets choose to summarize them, or show a video of a sound bite.  I appreciate the well thought-out written word more than the chance to see how much Newt Gingrich sweats under pressure.  I would rather read the senatorial source code, if you will, instead of someone else's review.  I know that is time consuming and that there are good reporters/reviewers/pundits/columnists but one less filter gives me a better understanding of the person instead of the stance.

It might help if I actually talked to, or heard speak, my Senators and representatives.  Working on that.