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We were discussing my oldest son and I was saying how he scheduled his driving test at the Springfield DMV because the driving test route was easier and less busy than the Eugene test area.

L:  Well, Cottage Grove is the easiest place to take your driving test.  In Oregon.  They are very forgiving, and I know.

H: Why? How many times did you take your driving test?

L:  (In a very small voice) five

H: (Speechless for a moment) Five?

L:  I only failed once in Cottage Grove.  Well, twice because of that pedestrian.

H:  (Incredulous) You hit a *pedestrian*?

L: (Indignant) No, I didn't hit *him*.

H: (Puzzled) What?  He ran into the side of the car?

L:  No.  Not the side.

H: He ran into the *front* of the car?

L:  Noo, he put his hand on the hood.  That was all really.  To stop the car.

H: (Incredulous again)The car was *moving*?  What, did he suddenly appear in the middle of the road?

L: (Looking slighted) Noooo. He suddenly appeared in the crosswalk.  (Slightly sheepish) He surprised me.

H:  (Incredulous.  Still)  A pedestrian in the *crosswalk*, the one "safe" place to cross the street, the place where you can *expect* pedestrians and he *surprised* you?

L:  (I don't understand how you are not getting this) He blended.  I didn't see him.

H:  (Incredulous.  Level 3)  What do you mean he **"blended"**?  Was he wearing a grey suit with broad yellow stripes across it?  Some sort of pedestrian camouflage?

L:  (Annoyed)  He popped up while I was carefully approaching the crosswalk.  He stuck out his hand and leaned back a little.  He looked at me, I looked at him, and then we had a meeting of the minds and he went on his way.  So I didn't *hit* him.  He just, sort of, tipped.  Then the test instructor told me that my test was over.  

H:  Not too surprising.

L:  (Slightly dismissive, short wave of left hand)  He had a very sour disposition and I think it colored his reaction.