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This is the way it felt to read when I was kid.  Some authors still manage to do that, but mostly I think it is a matter of having the time and mental relaxation to become deeply absorbed in another world.  Usually, I get a chapter into a book and then the phone rings.  After that, the rhythm is broken and I end up reading a chapter at a time with a one ear tense. 
The last time I think that I allowed myself to relax enough to fall under the spell of the story was on a long car trip listening to Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" series on cassette.  I don't miss the driving part so much as the uninterrupted exercise in guided imagination, the taking-in of description and the creative outputting of an entire universe.  I think that we all need that mental stretching from time to time, to keep us fresh.  Vacation is supposed to do that, but vacation has become a tactical sport to see how much activity we can cram into a short span.  The opposite is needed, and not with a group either.
Rambling here.  In short I like the picture.  You can find it on a WootShirt today (6/21/2012).  If it is gone (Woot does not keep things in stock for long), the artist is patrickspens of Sandy, UT.  You may be able to find his work elsewhere ( maybe?)

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