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I am riding back from picking up beer and dinner with my friend Erik and my cousin Allen.  We are in Erik's aged, bulletproof Dodge van, Erik is driving and we are on a short stretch of freeway on the way back to Casa Bachelor.  We have gone out on a food run for the umpteen guys back at Erik and his brother Kirk's place.  Allen is riding shotgun and playing one of his "What if, what would" games.

A:  What would you say if I suddenly did this?

(Allen reaches over and throws the van's gear selector into "N".  The van continues quietly along, but is now slowing)

E:  (Looking annoyed) I'd say you were an *idiot*.

A:  (Smiling) I guess I'd better not do that then.

(Allen reaches back over and slaps the gear shift back into "D".  The van has been coasting but it is still going about 50MPH.  There is a sudden lurch that throws us all forward, a high whine from the transmission that has just been jammed into first gear, and then a very loud *BANG* as the muffler explodes.)

E:  (A little wide eyed and raising his voice to be heard above the new roar of his unmuffled exhaust) *NOW* I'D SAY YOU WERE AN IDIOT THAT OWES ME $70 FOR A NEW MUFFLER.