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Yes, I use Two-Factor Authentication on as many accounts as I can, but I use Google Authenticator and Authy rather than a fob based system.  I have used fobs before, and they work OK most of the time, but it is one more thing to carry and I already carry my phone.

Low-cost biometric ID is still in it’s infancy, though, so I avoid it.  I still try it, but mostly for the novelty of seeing how long it will take to fail on me.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?:

Me:  Hal Noble

It:  Voice not recognized

Me:  How-well No-bull

It:  Voice *still* not recognized

Me:  Hall Nabool

It:  Really? You think that’s going to fool me?

Me:  Why you plastic piece of @#&&))$^)_!! Let me in, I need to make a phone call! Urgh! I’ll drain your battery!

It:  Give up loser. No one likes to hear you talk. Grow some diction.