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L: Hey, why did this message pop up on your phone?

H: Which message?

L: (suspicious stare) It says “Kiss boyfriend”

H: (smiling) Oh, that’s for you.

L: Why is it popping up on your phone?

H: Because I have your calendar items showing up on my calender, in addition to my own items, and so I get your calendar reminders.  This is from your calendar telling you to kiss me.

L: Hmm, (not displeased) I don’t remember writing that down as a To-Do item.

H: I did it for you, you know (innocent), to save you some time.

L: Ah, well, for a moment I thought that there was something you needed to tell me (knowing gaze).

H: Such as “I think it’s finally time I told you the truth”?

L: Yes, and then I thought, “There is no way you are getting out that easily Mister.  He’ll have to move in here“.  And I would be OK with that.  (pause)  As long as you both loved me.  (wistful look)  And he had money.