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Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP) has replaced System Device Manager for most Cisco equipment. It uses Java in Internet Explorer and requires some fiddling to get it working. Following are some notes on what I have found to work in setting up CCP and using it. These notes are as of 30 June 2014.
Install Java 7.60 or higher
Go to Start -> All Programs -> Java -> Configure Java
On the General Tab, look for the ‘Temporary Internet Files’ section and click on the ‘Settings’ button
Uncheck the setting “Keep temporary files on my computer”
On the Security Tab, reduce the Security slider to Medium
Add these sites to the “Exception Site List”
On the Advanced Tab, change the “Perform certificate revocation checks on” option to “Do not check (not recommended)”
Cisco Configuration Professional
Download and install Cisco Configuuration Professional v2.8

Go into Control Panel -> Internet Options, Security tab

Click on Trusted Sites, then click on the “Sites” button, then add these sites:

Run Cisco Configuuration Professional as Administrator (right click and choose “Run as Administrator”)