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While most of us think of security attacks and data loss come from hackers in some Bulgarian basement, the sad truth is that organizational insiders also pose a threat.  In the 2015 Vormetric Insider Threat Report, 89% of respondents felt that their organization was now more at risk from an insider attack.  A recent survey done by Veriato, a company that makes internal threat detection and employee monitoring software, may offer an explanation.

According to the Veriato survey:

  • A third of all employees believe they own – or share ownership of – the corporate data they work on, with half thinking they can take the data with them when they leave.
  • 60% of the 400 random employees surveyed saying they have never signed a confidentiality agreement or they never even knew one existed
  • 13% of respondents said it was acceptable to take login credentials with them
  • 47% said it was suitable to take work product
  • 7% said it was OK to take customer data
  • 6% said it was OK to take marketing data
  • 6% said it was OK to take sales lists
  • 5% said it was OK to take financial data

Not all bad news for employers, though:

  • 95% would turn down an offer of money from a competitor for confidential data
  • Only 5% of respondents acknowledged taking corporate data with them for financial or personal gain.
  • Another 7% had been offered money in exchange for confidential information—18% of those offers being $5,000 or more
  • 92% of employees would not take corporate data if they knew their activity was being monitored
  • 79% believing their company has the right to monitor their activity.

While I am not sure why 47% said it was OK to take work product while only 5% acknowledged that they actually did so for financial or personal gain, the fact that almost half of employees think it is OK is a security concern.

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