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Office 365 has now stepped up the bundled tools available to help secure data by adding threat detection into their online suite.  The new Office 365 Advanced Security Management feature is now available to Office 365 Enterprise customers.  The new tools include Anomaly Detection which works by scanning user activities and evaluating their risk against over 70 different indicators, including sign-in failures, administrator activity and inactive accounts.  For example, if it detects that a user’s Office 365 account was used to check email in the U.S. and then used to access SharePoint half way around the world a few minutes later an alert will be triggered.

Configurable templates can be used to notify administrators via text or email and can also be used to control which third-party apps are allowed access to your Office 365 data.  If users take it upon themselves to link a helper app to their Office calendar data, for example, administrators are made aware and can revoke the offending app’s permissions.  The service can detect 1,000 different apps, including Webmail, collaboration and cloud storage apps (can you say, Dropbox?).

Advanced Security Management is included as part of the Office 365 E5 plan. Customers with other Office 365 Enterprise plans can subscribe to it for $3 per user per month.  More info can be found here.