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Here are the latest breaches/leakages that impact large groups of people.  More evidence for the adage “if you haven’t been hacked yet, you soon will be”.

VerticalScope – 45 million login accounts – VerticalScope runs,,,, and other community websites and forums

Acer Online Store – 34,500 customers credit card data – Hacked from the Acer store.

GoToMyPC – All gumptyillion accounts – All account data stolen (maybe ‘all’, not sure) and it was stored with pretty-easy-to-hack MD5 encryption.  So old even my grandmother would call it old.  Some attack details here.  No exact number on the accounts breached, but I am sure it will be revealed once the data pops-up on the Dark Side.

GitHub – A “large number” of accounts – Github forced a password reset on accounts that it felt might be compromised after an attacker tried to gain access using lists of email addresses and passwords from other online services that have been compromised in the past. The attack was detected and examined and determined to be someone trying out data from already available breaches rather than data leaked from GitHub.  Another example of why you need to use separate passwords for each account and/or use multi-factor authentication.  Again, no evidence that GitHub data was directly hacked and kudos to them for being proactive.