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In the latest test build of Windows 10 Anniversary Update released last week, Microsoft has introduced a tool that allows users to get rid of bloatware in rather dramatic fashion.  Microsoft’s new tool removes all applications that do not come standard with Windows (including other Microsoft applications such as Office) and most pre-installed OEM applications, support applications, and drivers.  In effect, this is close to being a full nuke and re-pave of a system.  Call it a “scrape the asphalt” tool.  The user has the option of keeping personal files through the “cleansing”, but will then have to re-install needed software.

The utility was released in May 2016 as a standalone tool, but is now bundled with the Windows test build 14367 and will soon make its way into production builds.  The tool runs on Windows 10 Insider Preview Home or Pro versions – not sure if it will run on Enterprise or Ultimate versions of Windows 10.  More info here, here, and here.