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The following are data breaches that have been reported this week:


Badoo – 112 Million records – Leaked data was usernames, e-mail addresses, simple MD5-hashed passwords.  The data was discovered for sale in May, though Badoo denies a breach ever occurred.  The leak appears this week because HIBP (see below) ran a check on the data and loaded into their database as an “unverified breach” (a first for HIBP).


Wendy’s – Now up to 1000 restaurants – Leaked data was credit card data (maybe mine!) from transactions at Wendy’s restaurants.  This breach began in the Fall of 2015 and wasn’t discovered until early this year.  Wendy’s confirmed this week that more restaurants are involved than their original estimate of 300.  Yep, 1000 is more than 300 by quite a bit.


Democratic National Convention – 17,000 records – Leaked data was a database of records dating back to 2013 including names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers of people who purchased tickets to DNC events, including events attended by the President and the Vice President.  No word on whether financial data was leaked as well.